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Viper Ranks

You can purchase permanent ranks for the server here. Ranks give you extra advantages and perks in-game, such as shorter death bans, cool prefixes, and additional items.

These ranks are permanent will never expire.

Viper Rank 300.00 84.00 USD Buy
Serpent Rank 175.00 49.00 USD Buy
Anaconda Rank 130.00 36.40 USD Buy
Taipan Rank 110.00 30.80 USD Buy
Cobra Rank 85.00 23.80 USD Buy
Mamba Rank 50.00 14.00 USD Buy
Python Rank 25.00 7.00 USD Buy
Boa Rank 15.00 4.20 USD Buy
Fang Rank 5.00 1.40 USD Buy
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  • ImWezzy
    Queue Plus for High
  • Zenphyr
    Inferno to Pyro
  • Zenphyr
    Blaze to Inferno
  • Zenphyr
    Lava to Blaze
  • Switchered
    Queue Plus for High

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