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Summer SaleOur Summer Sale is here! Take advantage of it while it lasts.

Once unlocked, vKits can be redeemed every few days to unlock OP items on Infernal.

Purchasing a vKit will not unlock the kit. You will be given a vKit Shard that can be opened for the chance to unlock the kit for 90 days. Your chance to unlock the vKit increases for each attempt of unlocking a specific vKit. Chances start at 5%.

If you do not unlock a vKit, you will still be given the vKit one time. 

Image from Gyazo

*vKit Shards are SOULBOUND. You cannot open one unless you have purchased it to your account!*

vKit: Raider 34.99 31.49 USD Buy
vKit: Trapper 19.99 17.99 USD Buy
vKit: Classes 29.99 26.99 USD Buy
vKit: Partner Items 34.99 31.49 USD Buy
vKit: Valuables 34.99 31.49 USD Buy
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